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Vines clung on Sass de Lüna.

Tribulina’s hollow is a place of charming wine traditions and rural mastery that we would like to revive.

Our vineyards are nestled on the most sun-drenched and breezy hill of Tribulina in Scanzorosciate.

Lines human sized placed to facilitate soil drainage.

The surface of vineyards has exceeded 7.5 hectares and allows to reach significant quantitative and qualitative goals in the small wine area of Scanzorosciate: 2 hectares are dedicated to Moscato di Scanzo, while Manzoni 6.0.13, Incrocio Terzi n. 1, Merlot, Cabernet, Chardonnay, Pinot White and Pinot Grigio vineyards are situated further down, on the same hill. The heart of Il Cipresso is the precious and ancient vineyard of Moscato di Scanzo.

The heart of Il Cipresso is the precious and ancient vineyard of Moscato di Scanzo.

Il Cipresso wines are organic.

We believe this is the path to obtain excellent products, to preserve the natural heritage and the winemaking traditions.

Advanced technologies and traditional methods

The new cellar, built following advanced oenological standards and opened in 2017, has benefitted a relevant technical improvement, not only in the winemaking but also in the aging and finishing process in wide oak barrels or barrique.

THE DRYING PROCESS (aromas enhancement).

The modern drying equipment with controlled temperature and humidity allows a preservation of grape primary aromas, which, through the winemaking, genuinely reach the palate.

IL CIPRESSO di Cuni Angelica |
C.F. CNUNLC58L55L936Q -
P.IVA 03016540167 |
REG. IMP. (BG) 03016540167
- R.E.A. n° 342453 | Italy
Via Cerri, 2 -
24020 Scanzorosciate (BG)

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