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Serafino, our Moscato di Scanzo.

…cinnamon, wild berries, sage, dried rose and pepper hints. Aromatic, velvety, long-lasting.

Our forefathers told us that the Moscato vineyard has to suffer a little to give its best and also the production regulations do not provide for vines to be watered, so that roots are forced to go deeper and, in this way, they produce grapes with a complex taste, which is intimately connected with the geological peculiarities.

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Moscato di Scanzo is one of the smallest DOCG in Italy (Italian denomination for PDO) and attests the wine produced on the hill in Scanzorosciate (a total of 31 hectares).

Cultivation dates back to pre-Roman times.

“Moscadello” grape variety – probably with a Middle-Eastern or Egyptian origin – first appeared in the Fourteenth century in Alberico da Rosciate will; since then up until now, written records bred and during the Nineteenth century it reached the European courts, strengthening its reputation of excellent wine. During the last decades, an increase in production and a qualitative evolution were witnessed.

SERAFINO Moscato di Scanzo DOCG

The organoleptic features of Moscato di Scanzo are deeply-rooted to Sass de Lüna, the grey-light-bluish hard calcareous marl, that crumbles and pulverises when it crops out and is repeatedly exposed to the sun and elements, determining in this way a rich soil minerality.

Serafino is a wine made from dried grapes and obtained from our thirty-year-old Moscato di Scanzo vines. Bunches are hand-selected and dried for at least 40 days in a room with constant temperature and humidity. After that, the winemaking process with a long pomace maceration, a finishing in steel tanks for 24 months and a suitable rest in bottle. Perfumes are complex, with cinnamon, wild berries, sage, dried rose and pepper hints. Taste is aromatic, velvety and long-lasting.


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The heart of Il Cipresso is the precious and ancient vineyard of Moscato di Scanzo.

Vines clung on Sass de Lüna.

The vine is located at the top of the estate on an ideal soil made up of Sass de Lüna, the particular calcareous marl of Scanzorosciate. Lines are parallel to the line of maximum inclination to facilitate drainage and are optimally exposed to the sun on the constantly well-ventilated slope.

Moscato di Scanzo harvest

Loosely packed bunches are hand-picked.
When Moscato grapes ripe, they become delicate, for this reason, we harvest them with our hands and put them in small crates without overlapping the grape bunches to avoid damage.

Moscato di Scanzo, territory, culture, tradition.

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