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Notizie ed eventi. Territorio, cultura e tradizioni del mondo vitivinicolo di Scanzorosciate.


Redazione di Mete di Arioli


9 September 2020


Mete di Arioli SRL


The famous food blogger of LA LUNA SUL CUCCHIAIO has visited Il Cipresso to taste the Moscato di Scanzo of Tribulina di Scanzorosciate.

We were glad to welcome Monica Bergomi for a vertical tasting of Serafino, our Moscato di Scanzo; four vintages were opened: 2003, 2007, 2011 and 2013. Each one was paired with a specific type and range of dark chocolate. Sergio Cantoni took part in the tasting too, among the most experienced oenologists from Bergamo, who guided us through the exploration of the unique hints of this red passito from Tribulina.

Below, some excerptions from the article that was published on her blog on 19th March 2018, in which she told of the sensory experience offered by Moscato di Scanzo and suggested pairing the wine with samplers of Bergamo’s typical desserts and cheeses.

«[…] Rose, cinnamon, pepper, sage leaves and plum jam hints, it is charming and velvety to the palate, with a balanced freshness and a long-lasting finish: it is Moscato di Scanzo, the wine with the smallest DOGC in Italy […]».

«[…] In my humble opinion, Serafino Moscato di Scanzo 2013 is the perfect pairing not only for dry pastries and Bergamo province’s typical desserts, but also for excellent cheeses from the Orobian area, as Strachitunt DOP, seasoned and fresh Stracchino del Monte Bronzone DOP, Taleggio DOP and the rare Blu di Capra that are produced in this area[…]».

«[…] Serafino Moscato di Scanzo DOCG is surely a wine for cuddles on the sofa: sumptuous but not mawkish […] a perfect wine for meditation, with rare elegance and unique charm […]».

In Monica Bergomi words we notice her attention to organoleptic peculiarities that characterise the gem of the Bergamo wine culture and the passion with which we work for the old Moscato di Scanzo vineyard and for the winemaking process.

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