Moscato di Scanzo DOCG 2013 (Rosa d’Oro)
500 ml
Moscato di Scanzo DOCG 2014
500 ml
Moscato di Scanzo DOCG 2015 (Rosa d’Oro)
500 ml


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  • Denomination: Moscato di Scanzo DOCG
  • Classification: Red passito wine
  • Alcohol content: 50% ABV
  • Grape variety: Moscato di Scanzo
  • Refinement: 24 months in steel tanks and rest in bottle
  • Recommended tasting temperature: 14-16°C


This precious passito wine is obtained from the homonymous autochthonous variety from our 30-year-old vines on the Scanzorosciate hills. Bunches are exclusively hand-selected and dried for at least 40 days in a dedicated room with constant temperature and humidity. After that, the vinification with a long pomace maceration, a refinement in steel tanks for 24 months and a suitable rest in bottle. Perfumes are very complex, with cinnamon, wild berries, sage, dried rose and pepper hints. Taste is aromatic, velvety and long-lasting.


Moscato di Scanzo is the smallest DOCG in Italy


Moscato di Scanzo DOGC includes only the hills of Scanzorosciate, a total of 31 hectares. The grape variety, probably with a Middle-Eastern or Egyptian origin, evolved thank to the thousand-year winemaking practice on the Sass de Lüna hills, a particular grey-light-bluish hard calcareous marl, that, when it crops out and is repeatedly exposed to the sun and elements, crumbles and pulverises, determining in this way a rich soil minerality. The production regulations do not provide for vines to be watered, so that roots are forced to go deeper and, in this way, they produce grapes with a complex taste, which is intimately connected with the geological peculiarities. Moscato cultivation on these hills dates back to pre-Roman times. In more recent times, Moscato vine was also part of Alberico da Rosciate will (8th June 1347).

vinacce, affinamento in vasche d’acciaio per 24 mesi ed un adeguato riposo in bottiglia. I profumi sono molto complessi, con note di cannella, frutti di bosco, salvia, rosa appassita e pepe. Il gusto è aromatico, vellutato, di lunga persistenza.

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